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The State of Oklahoma began filing records in 1908, however it was not required by law until 1917.

Births The earliest birth record on file 1865. Most birth records were not filed timely until 1950 after Social Security Act was implemented and WWII was underway. It was at that time that people began to need proof of legal name, age, citizenship, age and parentage to access government benefits.

Deaths The earliest death record on file is 1908.

Information searched Any information typed into the query will be included in the search. Only exact matches will be returned. We recommend starting broader and narrowing the search as you go. If you are not sure about a field, we recommend you start by leaving it blank.

Wildcard searches An asterisk (*) may be used as a wildcard in any field. For example John* will return records like John, Johnson, and Johnston. Any blank field will be considered wildcard as well.

Maximum Number of Records returned Any query that matches more than 15 possible records will return a message for you to narrow your search. Beware: Searching on common names, large date ranges etc. are likely to return more than 15 records.

Unknown Year of Event You can check a box to search in blocks of +/- 1, 2 or 5 years of a possible date.

Errors in the Index Because the index was built over many many years, it does contain errors. These errors may be due to a doctor or funeral director making a mistake when filling out the record, the family not providing the correct information, our difficulty in reading the handwriting, typographical error, etc.

Sealed records Original versions of records that were sealed upon adoption or after any change in parentage are not be available to be searched.